Taking Screenshots Like a Boss

Shottr, the screenshotter of your dreams

Screenshots are tough work. Shottr makes screenshotting as simple as reasonably possible.

Wanna integrate? We have a super awesome RESTful API for that (and sweet documentation, too).

Select anything and everything to screenshot and away to your library it goes.

Linux, Mac, and Windows client libraries. Multiple platforms, same awesome experience.

Snapping with Shottr

Open Shottr

Click "Take Screenshot"

Select capture area

Distribute URL that appears

Average Time Burden:

7 seconds

You could pour a fresh cup of coffee in the time it takes the competition to get your screenshot out.

And the alternative...

Open burdersome UI

Hope there is no mandatory updates to install

Click capture button (if you can find it)

Select area to capture

Find where the program saved your image at

Upload image somewhere or send through email

Wait for image to be retrieved by the other party

Resend image to other parties who need it

Re-upload image again because it was never saved

Miss important meeting, quietly weep

Average Time Burden:

108 seconds